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As much as I love the fall, I miss watching flowers grow #flowers #pinkflowers #spring
Chloe by ~noleggedchicken
My friend’s family dog, I started it when I first met him last February and only finished a week or so ago… oops. I just kept taking breaks and didn’t have motivation to finish cause I never know what to do with digital art when I’m done. I can’t just hand it to him, gotta print it which requires money :x
12. September 2013

I keep breaking things and dropping things and overall… just not good. I keep messing up dinner and while it still tastes good, everything is ugly and not coming out the way I intended.

And the reason I’m actually posting.

I deleted all my photos. I’ve recovered a lot so far, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get them all back. Kinda just wanna bash my head in at this point. I feel like I should have expected this.

Moss by ~noleggedchicken
Little green carpet…
Elephant by ~noleggedchicken
Calero by ~noleggedchicken
Zipper Sketch by ~noleggedchicken
Wanted to try leaving my drawings more rough, usually that’s impossible for me but I actually kinda like how this one turned out.
Just Sleep by ~noleggedchicken
Sleepy little balls of fluff.
Whiskers by ~noleggedchicken
Zipper, my 16 year old Cornish Rex cat.
My parents were convinced I was cutting his whiskers as a child because his whiskers were (and still are) pathetically short and scraggly.
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Delicate by ~noleggedchicken
#calf #babycow #farmanimals
Flower 4644 by ~noleggedchicken